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Tor Browser 7.0 Alpha 1

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Tor Browser 7.0 Alpha 1

Tor Browser Review:

 Are you looking for a web browser that will enhance your privacy and safety when you browse on the internet? Do you want a browser that will not reveal your identity or IP address when you are browsing websites? If you want to stay anonymous when browsing websites, then you must download and make use of the Tor Browser when checking out websites.  

 What Is Tor?

 Tor web browser is a free to use web browser that will protect your IP address from traffic analysis, which might threaten your privacy when checking out websites. This web browser will prevent anyone from watching your internet connection and checking out the websites that you visit using your browser. You can make use of the Tor browser to publish websites on the internet without revealing your website's location. You can also use the Tor web browser to access certain websites that are blocked or have access to content that you are not allowed to see. It is mainly used to prevent internet surveillance or traffic analysis so  that no one knows your internet interests and behaviors. You can browse any website you like freely on the net.   

 Key Features

 - All your internet traffic is encrypted when you start to browse the internet using Thor browser. The traffic will be routed through various anonymous nodes till it reaches the final destination that you are looking for and hence no one will be able to trace your identity. 
 - It is a censorship outwitting tool that will allow you to reach any website that is banned in your country or that has blocked content. 
 - It is an ideal web browser for journalists who can use it to safely communicate with whistleblowers.  
 - It uses HTTPS encryption so that all data exchange between the server and the browser are securely encrypted. 
 - Torbutton to prevent any kind of attacks when browsing the internet. 
 - The security slider feature can be used to disable browser features completely when browsing. 

 New Identity Feature

 The new identity feature offered by the Tor Browser will close all the open tabs to secure your browsing information and will clear all your last browsing sessions that includes cookies, browsing history and cache. The browser will also completely erase off all the clipboard contents. 

 There is no doubt that Tor Browser is the browser to use for everyone who likes to surf the intent anonymously and does not want their surfing details to be available online. Though the browser does not offer the speed that is offered by other popular web browsers, it is an excellent option to browse anonymously.

Changes on the new version:
Update Firefox to 45.7.0esr
Tor to
Update Torbutton to 1.9.7
Bug 19898: Use DuckDuckGo on about:tor
Bug 21091: Hide the update check menu entry when running under the sandbox
Bug 21243: Add links to es, fr, and pt Tor Browser manual
Bug 21194: Show snowflake in the circuit display
Bug 21131: Remove 2016 donation banner
Translation updates
Update HTTPS-Everywhere to 5.2.9
Update NoScript to
Bug 20471: Allow javascript: links from HTTPS first party pages
Bug 20651: DuckDuckGo does not work with JavaScript disabled
Bug 20589: Add new MAR signing key
Bug 20735: Add snowflake pluggable transport to alpha Linux builds

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